Thursday, June 15, 2017



My late father Chan Yee
Migrated from Guangzhou, China during the Communist era, leaving behind a teaching job, mother and sisters behind and he finally reached KL with his father and brother after a long trek through the Thai peninsular.  He and his brother and a friend (the one standing behind him, must be a fellow China man)  built up this humble  roasted pork stall in Petaling Street and through the diligent hard work, he was able to  bring up his own Chan Clan.  An important lesson he taught us through this: A pair of chopstick can be easily broken but when there are 11 pairs (yes that's the number of his children) of chopsticks bind together, it cannot be easily broken.  
Though all of us have become rich and famous, I am proud to say that everyone of us had a good education (another important lesson that he stressed the importance of a good education always) and have similarly work diligently and hold  respectable jobs be it in KL or overseas and are good honest citizens. 
Thank you Chan Yee for your teaching and we just wished we have more time to repay our filial duties because you left us just when we were starting to earn our own living.   
A Happy Father's Day bouquet from my children,  how thoughtful of them. 
Yes, I have been mother and father for over a year now and thank God for these kids that have been giving care and joy and company to me. There are ups and downs but I know that there are always ways to improve myself and be more patient with you all.  

So, to everyone, Happy Father's Day! 


  1. I love this story of your father who came a long way from China to bring up all your siblings into successful, happy and grateful children.
    My grandfather also came from Swatow, China during the fall of Qing Dynasty. I think Swatow is in Canton which is Guangzhou today. Let me check the location.

    1. We found his diary after his death that's how we know. He was a man of few words.