Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Very well said, Mr. Chong. 
We shall keep reminding ourselves to preserve our culture and history. He told us about the eviction by the developer and the legal struggle that took place.  The Developer had won the first court action and the 1st phase of the kampong had been taken over and most of the houses were demolished.  Now they have organised these walks to introduce people to Kampong Mantin and hope that more people will support them to fight against further demolition and to preserve this area as a Heritage site. 

Bright sunny morning, time to get out of the house..

along Lekas Highway,  it was a breeze to drive along this highway..
so few cars and great surrounding view as well.

Our destination for the day trip.. a heritage walk around Kg. Hakka, Mantin

the meetup point at the Sekolah SJK Chi Chi, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.  
From here, we made our way towards the kampong.
along the way, saw this one and only "sundry shop" in the village but not many merchandise for sale. It was more of a gathering place and there was already a table of mahjong game going on! 

Rakan Mantin. Check them up on facebook and please support them 

This meeting place actually belong to Mr. Chong great grandfather. 

Briefing before the walk ..

the honest truth about eviction and hopes for acknowledgement of  heritage status from the government, after all this place is over 100 years old. 

walking as those "early immigrants across rivers and up mountains"...
(only that was a flooded part of the road because of the heavy downpour last night!)

some of the derelict houses

the dilapidated houses and sense of  abandonment and time gone by.. 

most of the houses are vacant and closeup

As explained by Mr. Chong, those plaque above the houses would actually tell you what is the name of the family residing there.  These 2 characters are the surnames of that family eg Chan or Wong etc. 

the primary school  since 1954.  
The sun was getting hotter  and soon we finished our walk and headed back to the meeting place. It was time to introduce us to some Hakka food preparation...

Hakka Yong Tau Foo
Fish paste, minced port, salted fish, minced garlic and shallots mixed together and season with 5 spice powder, salt and pepper and Aunty said, of course a weeny bit of MSG!

getting my hands wet..... they do not remove any tofu for the stuffing instead a cut is made on the tofu and slowly the stuffing is put inside the slit! 

Finally a piece perfectly stuffed without breaking the sides.

The chef in charge of Mantin Kitchen
 she was busy the whole morning preparing our lunch.... 

Hakka Herbal kueh using Ramie leaves 

These shrubs are growing ardently around the kampong and this uncle very kindly pluck a shoot for me to take to grow.

Hakka Chai kueh... vegetable fillings.

These refurnished bicycles were once used by the villagers as they go rubber-tapping.  Now  you can ride them around the village but mind you they are heavy.

Meet the oldest resident of the kampong. She is 90 over years old yet she still cook her own meals and clean the house herself.

She even showed us her wedding photos. 

Lunchtime... yummy and wholesome Hakka flavours..
If you are interested to join the walk, look up Kaki Jelajah Warisan on the facebook. 


  1. This village has come a long way with interesting history. If I ever live beyond 90, I would want to be healthy and fit like her. Being invalid and weak is suffering for oneself and the family.

    I am surprised that Chai Kueh is Hakka food as everyone told me it is Teochew Kueh.

  2. You are right, being healthy is more important. I guess the Hakka also their version of Chai Kueh.

  3. Thanks for highlighting. I didn;t know there is such place in Mantin