Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hi, I am back.  This is a backdated post.

Banana Pancake  with salted caramel sauce. 

Salvaged this mini frypan from Jeremy's rubbish bag..
Make perfect round pancake!

Basic pancake recipe from Nigella - How to be a Domestic Goddess.
Just add in extra mashed bananas.  

Torta All Gianduia - Nutella Cake - recipe also from  Nigella How to be a Domestic Goddess

Yes, the last  reminder of my Paris Trip.... the last bottle of nutella bought from Paris.... 

Butter and nutella are mixed together before adding egg yolks, ground hazelnuts and melted chocolate.

Add in the stiffly beaten egg white to egg yolk mixture. 
This is a flourless cake ... only ground hazelnuts  

The cake shrink upon cooling. 
Suppose to have a chocolate frosting with toasted hazelnuts  which I omitted...too rich for me. 

Though these look dense, they are not instead moist and soft.
Its delicious and so addictive that I finished the remaining half cake myself the next day :D

After all the baking and cooking, its time to take a bath and sit back and relax while waiting for Sarah to serve dinner..

Easy Grilled chicken wraps...

Chicken marinated with paprika, cajun seasoning and  grilled

Wholemeal Tortilla wraps lightly toasted 

It was a ladies night.... 

with a bottle of limited edition of Guinness Stout...complimentary from my niece Wuei Yunn