Monday, November 30, 2015



First of all a very Happy Birthday to my son Jeremy.  May God be with you always!

We are not celebrating his birthday as he is over in Sydney enjoying his lunch date with his wife.  We are at home and at the girls' request, I am cooking Big Breakfast for them.

How much should I charged them for this?

Juice to start the day: Blended frozen blueberries (which my sister brought from Australia, don't ask me how she did it long haul! And she even got me a bag of frozen cranberries and mozzarella cheese as well too-Thanks a lot dear Sister) with Yogurt drink.  Usually I would blend watermelon with natural yogurt for them on my market day which is Saturday.   

Vinaigrette dressing for the salad... lemon juice, EV olive oil, salt, pepper
Starter: Mixed Salad of Avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted red pepper (I always prefer to roast the peppers before cooking) and lettuce.   This was easy to prepare- dice and cut the avocado, half the cherry tomatoes, julienned the roasted red pepper and sliced up the lettuce. Put aside in fridge till ready to eat. The dressing is pour over the salad and toss together only when ready to serve. 
BTW Hero Supermarket opening on 27/11/2015 at Cheras Sentral (formerly it was Jaya Grocer)  and for signing up as new members (free membership),  a free lettuce was given.  Good promotion!  

Sauted Garlic Mushroom. 
1. sliced fresh shiitake mushroom and  finely minced garlic.
2. Melt butter in pan (it has to be BUTTER and I find that butter really makes the difference in flavour for this) and add garlic and mushroom saute till soft.
3. add a splash of white wine (yes early in the morning!)  
4. add the herbs, season with salt and pepper and dish up 
5. Using the same pan, fried some sausages too.

Bacon and hash browns 
I used some (no, I finished the whole small bottle) maple syrup (gift from my sister) to glaze the bacon. The taste is good, balance of sweet and salty.. yum!  This time I decided to grill the bacon and the hash browns instead of frying them (not so oily).  While they were grilling in the oven, its was time to cook the scrambled eggs which are done in minutes.   
Then its a matter of plating up and trying to get the best  photo-shoot before digging in.

Well I did not actually count the costs because there are still leftovers of sausages, bacon and hash browns. Besides what about the time factor as there seemed to be numerous things to prepare! 
So don't think I can do this every Sunday, not only the money and time factor but think of it health-wise. 

Steamed Black sesame paus 
I bought a packet of black sesame paste and lotus paste intended for making mooncakes.  Well Mooncakes Festival had come and gone and now I have to make use of them in some other ways.  So decided to make some steamed paus later in the evening. Good thing this time, none of them "open mouth" (I opened that particular one to show the filling).  Such soft hot steaming paus on a rainy night. Even the doggies cannot resist them!  


  1. Hi Elaine, how you doing? Your comfort breakfast look awesome. Wishing your son all the best and happy birthday.

    Best regards

  2. Wow! Yummy big breakfast with juice! I would happily pay RM28.00 for it.
    Happy Birthday Jeremy and may you be well & happy always.
    (Does your son and daughters read their mama's blogs??)

  3. Most important meal of the day

  4. Yes, eat like a King for breakfast!