Sunday, January 11, 2015


Afternoon- Mt. Merapi - Prambanan Temple

Our adventure begins here- at base station of Mt. Merapi.   It is one of the most active volcano in Indonesia and has been erupting since 1548 with the last most fatal eruption in 2010.

The guide recommended us this  Jeep tour - it was not included in the itinerary and we had to paid RP100,000 each and took 3 jeeps. 

All ready for adventure ...

It was a thrilling,  bumpy and roller coaster drive ...up the hills and down the valleys
Barren ground and signs of desolation in some places  
The jeep stopped at several locations along the way up.

the "Museum"  - actually the reminder of the eruption

ashes covered most of things here...

can imagine the heat, looking at the "melting" of the TVs-

the skeletal remains of the animals.

another location - a large boulder from the eruption.. showing a rock face (it is clear from a certain angle) 

Getting a respite from the dust and smoke... we were given the masks by the jeep drivers. 

Another stop - put our hands inside the hole to feel the hot steam ...

Look down at the view of the river which the lava flow- sorry could not get a good photo as I was too "chicken-heart" to go near the edge and see  

There is beginning of  life .... 

We were also taken to view the bunker- an underground shelter from the eruption (not shown)

Awesome Mt. Merapi as we get upclose but it was not totally visible due to the overcast sky...

The jeep ride took around an hour or more and we were soon back to the base station.    

Our next stop - another UNESCO heritage site.. 

This 10th century Hindu temple is dedicated to Hindu God, Shiva (Destroyer)      
the influence of the Hindu architecture arising to 154 feet tall. 

It was nearing closing time, so there were no official guide to explain the buildings and history to us

These bas-reliefs illustrated the epic of Ramayana - the story about the 3 great Hindu divinities, Shiva Vishnu and Brahma. 

Most of us were tired after the jeep ride, so we were just contented to sit and watch the sunset  

By the time we left the temple compound, it was evening and started to rain too.
The tour bus drove us to this wonderful hideaway for our dinner.... 

Kali Opak Resto -  a perfect gem on the brink of a forest.  

We were again the last patrons for the day or was it night.. tasty and wonderful buffet spread. 

The night was still "young" when we reached the hotel.   But for the seniors in the group, it was sweet dreams to rest our aching bones while the young ones went for their chat-time and coffee outside the hotel.


  1. I would be chicken heart too.

    you climbing all the steps not tired ? I see like very steep

  2. Hi, yes its very steep and I did not climb all the way up..

  3. Hi, yes its very steep and I did not climb all the way up..

  4. I height fright, sure dare not look down

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  6. My best spot will be Kali Opak Resto hideout.