Thursday, January 22, 2015


Day 1- Ipoh Old Town  

Taking my sister down memory lane we drove down to Ipoh for a short visit.   As it was a working day, even though still school holiday, the traffic was smooth and we reached Ipoh before lunchtime.

Our first stop was to take the Funny Mountain Taufoo Fah (soyabean curd) which we missed the last visit.  The queue was not long and soon its was our turn.   Even though the price has not risen (or has it?) the bowl came only half full!  Its only a few spoonfuls just enough to quench your curiosity about the hoo-hah of their taufoo fah..  Indeed it was very smooth and glide down your throat, but its a bit sweet for us. 

We then walked to the Thean Chun kopitiam.  The lunch crowd was still bearable and we managed to get a table and immediately ordered the Sa Hor Fun (Ipoh Noodles).  We were told there would be at least a 15 minutes wait.  Ok, that's fine, meanwhile, we ordered the popular items here.... the creme caramel and the pork satay. Finally after waiting more than 20 minutes, we were able to eat our  noodles!. 

After our lunch, we walked around the flea market and managed to do some shopping here.

the skylight 

walked around the old town and saw these street arts

I was informed that this Old Town Cafe  near the field is the first original Old Town cafe(?) 
Took our teatime here. 

Lastly took her to visit the Perak Caves before checking in to the M Boutique Hotel for the night. 

Day 2- Kuala Kangsar 

After our check out, we drove up to Kuala Kangsar, the Royal was my first visit too. 

The Pavillion Square Tower

This is one of the old buildings (built in 1930 under reign of Sultan Iskandar Shah) which features of  mix of Malay and colonial architecture.  The staircase by the way is broken, hence we dare not go upstairs

It was used as a recreational and entertainment venue for wives of Court officials and VIP for special occasions but is now a public park 

not sure what building, guess it is the Town Council as it opposite the Pavillion Square Tower 

Originally this was a palace known as Istana Ulu or Istana Kota. 

Construction started in 1898 and was completed in 1903 for the Sultan Idris 1.  It was turned into a gallery museum in 2003.  It not only exhibits and displays the history and milestones of the life of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah and his memorabilias but also various Perak Royalty. I especially love those gowns displays and his watch collection was truly amazing!.  We were not allowed to take any photographs inside. 

In front of the entrance, the fountain with the labu sayong - pottery that shape like a gourd and special product of Perak   

Beautiful architecture 

this is a separate building where all the vehicles  are displayed. 

Read that the roof of this building is special.... known as "bumbang limas"  pyramid-like  roof 
By the time, we came out, it had started to rain.  We were told that all the popular tourist buildings are within the same area ie it is in a loop and so we then drove to the next destination....

Istana Iskandariah... photo taken from website.
This is the official  residence of the Sultan of Perak and not open to the public. It was built in 1926 and look beautiful with the Moorish domes 
the Ubudiah Mosque- photo taken from website
As it was raining, we just stopped in front to view this mosque... looks awesome and grand building. It was built in 1913 by the English architect AB Hubbock,  who also designed the Ipoh Railway Station as well as Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.  Imported marble and chandeliers were also used in the building.    

Finally, Istana Kenangan 
This bright yellow building scream for attention as we turned the corner on this  dull grey raining day!
This was a temporary residence for the Sultan while the Istana Iskandariah was being constructed. The whole complex was built entirely of wood and without use of any iron nails!  It was built in 1926 by a Malay craftsman and hence the traditional Malay architecture with intricate wooden carving adorning the walls and the walls themselves are made of hardwood with woven wickerwork (kelarai). The Istana is often called the Istana Kuning and the unique shape of the building is that of a sword (keris). Unfortunately we were unable to go in as it was closed for renovation!     

bidding farewell to Kuala Kangsar... hope to be back.

Anyway, we were hungry or rather I was hungry and besides not feeling well, so we decided to go back to the town centre for our lunch.  And because of me,  we also decided to quit looking for the 100 years old Rubber Tree..maybe another time.... 


  1. Good morning Sharon,
    Yes, laid back place and quiet.... but cannot find nice food!

  2. Lovely....but never really walked around there. Just pass by

  3. Nice. My mum used to live in Kuala Kangsar during her childhood. The building opposite the Pavilion Square Tower is actually Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar. It is built to provide education for children of elite families. Hope u all enjoyed the trip.

  4. Good morning,
    Thanks for the clarification.... we missed that! Must go again sometime...and where's the best food?

  5. Good morning,
    Thanks for the clarification.... we missed that! Must go again sometime...and where's the best food?