Sunday, January 18, 2015



After a good rest after our trip to Borobudur, I joined my neighbour and her family on a day trip to Raub.  Originally had planned for sister May to come along but since it was the day for  my nephew "Gift Exchange" before the wedding, she was unable to join us.

Friendly group. 
The organisers for the trip are editor and staff of the Famous Cuisine Magazine. This is a foodie trip... a lot of eating along the way..   

Laman Pesona Resort & Spa... rather steep walk to the top..

After around 2 hours of bus ride, we arrived at the village of  Cheroh and the Laman Pesona Resort & Spa.  No we are not staying here but came for the main attraction - a 100 dishes buffet at the Chinese Restaurant- Song Huang Ge!  I am not sure whether this was a holiday promotion because there were busloads of day-trippers.  

 Panoramic view of the  village..... 
The dining hall... who is keeping count of how many dishes as everyone was busy getting plateful!

They even served sharkfin soup at the table. 

Just a few of the food which we took... 

 After eating such a heavy meal, its time to walk off the calories.... surroundings of the resort.

 There is a Thai restaurant as well - Sala Thai

The wheels of Fortune...

Astonishing how the papaya plant can grow.... 

 Afternoon tea at the Kam Wah Kopitiam..since 1960's ... as usual it was packed .

the popular items.... Kaya puff already sold out, managed to get some Siew Pau... and have to admit is very good indeed. 

Various news cuttings on the wall..
 I was dozing on and off in the bus as I was coming down with a cold and cough, so I did not get down to eat and buy along most of the way.  They did stopped for Cendol, Hakka Kuehs and of course the Taufo factory.

This is a back to nature resort.... 

Camping tents 

the standard tents 

and the Executive Safari tents.
Besides these tents, there are also suites and villas available too

the river that meanders around the resort

These boots are made for walking- there are organised  nature walks, 4 wheel drive as well as jungle trekking

Caravan Serai Exclusive Private Villas Bentong - Club House
the club house  and restaurant 
So happened that the mother of the owner was with us and we were graciously treated with coffee on the house. 

Finally, we did some shopping at Bukit Tinggi ... vegetables, fruits and of course the Bentong ginger (RM22 per kg.). We had a delicious and satisfying dinner at one of the numerous restaurants around Bukit Tinggi before finally going home.


  1. what a nice trip. Nice to be able to join these days trip

  2. Good morning.... yes its relaxing for the weekend... you want to join next time?

    1. LOL....kid started school.....hard to get away lo. weekend also so full liao.