Sunday, September 28, 2014


Well, I seems to be slow in putting the trip together but I enjoy slowly going over my trip with the photos. Sometimes when I took the photo, I really don't know the history behind it and now going over it and reading more about it is so rewarding and makes the trip so much more interesting.  So by sharing these photos,  I hope you too will enjoy them.   

Today Diana said she would take to us see the sights around the area where she lived.

I was up early and it was so bright around 7 in the morning.  Can you see the plane in the sky. Her house is very close to Heathrow Airport. 
Soon the rest were up and she drove us to Hampton Court Castle and its Gardens.

Hampton Court Castle - notice those decorative Tudor brick chimneys 

Hampton Court Palace.. the Great Gatehouse.   

This palace was originally built by Henry VIII for his favourite Cardinal Thoms Wosley.  It has 2 distinct architectural style- Tudor and Baroque.. pink bricks.

Besides the Palace, its attractions include the vast Rose Gardens, the Maze, a historic  tennis Court and the huge grape vine

Varieties of roses perfurming the air around here. 

The River Thames flows besides the palace 

King Henry VIII used this mode of transportation to the castle .. 

mistletoe in summer? 

We went to the back to view these beautiful gates..

each of them had different figures ... 

enlarged this so can see clearly the rose... 
the cross 

Scotland Thistle

Irish Harp

strange tree... and clear blue sky... and it was so hot and it made us tired and suddenly hungry too!

Diana then drove us to visit her friend.... Mr. Ng and the best fish and & Chips.. 

The signboard is not bluffing!... it is indeed the best fish and chips! 

When we entered the shop, immediately we were struck by the clean and spacious shop.   He is very meticulous about cleanliness and these are imported decorative tiles from Italy! 

There is no oily rancid smell in the shop at all.  It is not only because the frying is carry out in the kitchen behind the service counter but also he use good quality cooking oil and the oil are not used more then twice! 

He is an avid gardener in his free time and these beautiful flowers filled the shop. According to Diana, he could buy and import plants/flowers which caught his fancy  from Hong Kong to England!    But it is a pity that in such a pleasant shop, there are no table service here and its only takeaway.    Mr. Ng said  there are lots of rules and regulations if you want to have table service, so its more preferable and also profitable to just cater for takeways. 

So big portions and we had requested for less fries!  He used cod fish here. 

Mr. Ng showing us the newspaper article ... his shop was one of the top 5!  

Happy owners Mr Ng and wife and equally happy satisfied diners!

After chatting for some time, its time to move on to our next destination..... 

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