Monday, September 1, 2014



After the heavy dinner last night, its time for an early morning walk in the SAVILL GARDEN which is part of the Windsor Royal Garden.  This garden was created in the 1930s  and features plants from all over the world.

the "old oak tree"  

the pine cones sprouting already.... and summer has just began

The Crown Estate ... 

the man-made lake 

these are chestnut trees and every fall, Diana and Mr. Lee could come to collect the fallen chestnuts

the mother goose teaching her kiddies how to preen themselves... 

the Obelisk in the centre of the garden. 

The Savill Building.. its undulating roof suppose to resemble a leaf... 

There is a visitors and shopping centre and cafe inside the building. 

Time capsule was filled by the children of the Royal School in 2004. 

Sunday brunch @ Harvesters at Old Windsor and the Bells of Ouzeley 

What a beautiful view across the road is the River Thames 

While waiting for our table, we sat and relax by the river.... brand new 2014 bench!
All the benches here were donated by the people in memory of their loved ones!

History on the Bells of Ouzeley... 

DIY of  Harvester's all-you-can-eat  salad. This was only our first bowl, we support  "eat more veggies"!

Full Rack of Baby Ribs 

Nachos with Avocado dipping sauce for May 

Sarah and myself ordered this half rack of baby ribs served with mashed potatoes

After lunch, she drove us to visit the Queen's palace...

Windsor Castle, the oldest inhabited castle in the world.  This is the home to the British kings and queens for over 1000 years 

and it is the official residence of the Queen. 
If the flag is seen flying in the Round Tower, then the Queen is in residence.    

Hello  to the Queen!

support their tourism.. only GPB1 for the photo. 

The crooked house of Windsor- now a restaurant. 

It was constructed in 1592 and  was rebuilt in 1718 using green wood. Green wood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not been "seasoned" (dry) of its internal moisture.  Thus it tends to split or shrink when dry.  Maybe thats the reason of it being crooked or was it purposely done this way?

Not sure why they also suddenly become crooked :D!  

Entrance to the Windsor Royal Shopping ... former the Windsor Train station.
Summer sales going on everywhere and the whole place was teeming with people!

A replica of the Queen steam locomotive
The train station was originally designed for Queen Victoria as her private railway station but now has been converted to a shopping centre, cafe and restaurants.  

.... time to move on to our next destination..

an old water pump around the castle

Then it was decided that we take the train down to city while Diana drive back home to rest. 

There are too many photos to share, so this is part 1 of day 6.  Stay tuned for Part 2. 


  1. wow!! London ... so you were there for 6 days! How wonderful! Now come to think of it, it has been over 30 years since my last trip.. hahaha... that shows how "old" I am now...

    1. Good morning Reana...
      lets make a trip together again!