Thursday, February 6, 2014


Not this "horse" from my sister May

When a pet come to your house unvited, it will bring good luck to the family.
I don't know how far true it will be yet, but one thing I know that the kitty is lucky to be alive and to do be able to reside in my house is definitely the luckiest thing to happen to it....hahaha.

When I woke up that morning, heard the pitiful meowing.  So went out to investigate and along the backyard drain, this tiny kitty was desperately calling out to its mother.   Its body was coated black and wet.   It must either have fallen into the deep drain and got pluck up by someone(?) Or it has been abandoned and threw there by someone(?).

I did the wrong thing ...I took it home immediately and cleaned it up. It seems once a human being touches it, the mother will not come back for it.  If this is true,  I felt very remorseful after this because I would have separated it from the mother.....

But I cannot and could not ignored it then,

so I try to be the mother eats like a horse!... really big appetite .....

and it is a tiny "spiderman"

Looking for Uncle Toto
Toto was very curious initially but had learn to accept this tiny moving "toy" ..

It must be thinking Toto is the mother..... just like to nestle close to him after dinner...

Who say dogs and cats cannot be friends..

There are 3 more kittens that drops by every mealtime....  must catch for spaying soon...

Well they do provide me with much joy  but I really cannot keep them in the house as I already had 3 doggies to take care.  So all these kittens are for adoption.  Interested parties please contact me.


  1. I am so glad the kitty "fell" at the right place. Yea., I rescued one of such kitty before. Had him for 13 years

  2. Glad that Toto and the kitten got along well...

  3. Good morning ladies... yes it a "small kucing" now but growing each day..!