Tuesday, March 26, 2013

15/3/2013 - PRE-WEDDING

It has been a wonderful trip to Melbourne/Sydney  from 10/3/2013 to 22/3/2013.  It has been a whirl of sightseeing, food tasting and visitation to family members but these culminated with the wedding ceremony of my son Jeremy!

That's why, I am posting about the trip up to Sdyney for  wedding first as many of you must be waiting to see the photos of the happy couple.  

My sister May and me flew up  Sydney by JetStar on Friday (15/3/2013) courtesy of her frequent flyers points.  She had even booked us into the Park Royal Hotel, Darling Harbour.

 The foyer of the hotel

 View from the room - facing Darling Harbour
Comfy and large beds each.

Jeremy came to pick us up for the rehearsal at the church, though the wedding was supposed to be on board.  Met Eunice's parents for the first time- a charming couple, so well mannered and soft spoken just like Eunice!  Also met the Reverend  Robin who will be officiating the ceremony.

 The Mustard Seed Church
 Next door - community centre - lovely grille works
 The Mustard Seed Church
Yes, it is a cafe-style church! It says "Service with coffee, cake and conversation" on Sunday morning Service! Must be great and at least sure there will be no falling asleep during sermons! haha!

The  rehearsals finally ended and its time for dinner.  Reverend Robin recommended a Japanese cafe further  down the street.
 It is a Sushi Bistro - but managed by Koreans though.

We decided to walk back to our hotel after the dinner as Jeremy had to fetch his in-laws back to his apartment. It is a short distance to the Darling Harbour.  Even though it was already past 7.00 pm, the evening was still bright.  We strolled along the Darling Harbour and sass out the wharf where we will be boarding tomorrow.

Restaurants and pubs along the wharf- it was a Friday night!

Cockles Bay Wharf

We walked into a group of students from the University of Sydney having their fancy dress party on the boat.

  Bruce Lee with uh... pretty lady or ?

It must be a fairly common venue for a party here - on the boat.

Walking back to the hotel as the dusk fell- Sydney Tower all lit up.
Thus ended our first day in Sydney. Next - THE WEDDING