Tuesday, January 1, 2013


After our Christmas party, there were a succession of birthdays celebrations towards the year end. 

Lovely dovey - my eldest brother with wife Mei Lian whose birthday is on Christmas eve.

On the 27th it is my daughter Esther's birthday. The 3 of us went to the Zen Korea BBQ at Taman Putra Ampang- known as the "little Korean Village" due to the large concentration of  Korean restaurants here. 

This restaurant is  a corner lot located on the first floor of another Korean restaurant.  The seating is spacious along the length of the windows. 
The banchan (sides dishes) are refillable. Korean food is healthy and colourful and they represents the elements of the universe: black represents water and can be seen in those black sesame and seaweeds,  red (fire) as in the anchovies, red peppers and kim chi; blue/green (wood) as seen in the spinach; white (metal)- the coleslaw and taufoo and garlic; yellow (earth) the big beansprout, doenjang (bean paste).  These help to balance the yin and yang and bring the body in harmony and they are so tasteful and delicious.  

 The Beef Bulgogi which was so yummy - together with the garlic, bean paste and wrapped with the lettuce!
and the Pork Bulgogi equally delicious with the mung bean noddles. 
We did not have to the cooking ourselves as it was done by the staff and brought to our table.

My sister-in- law Serena also celebrated her birthday on the 28th with her family.

And finally we celebrated together my brother YB's birthday on the 29th with 4 tables at the Woh Kei Restaurant.

 I baked these Hokkaido Cupcakes instead of a birthday cake.
 Everyone loves these cupcakes!

I decided to make some Steamed Lotus Paste Buns as well
 On an impulse, decided to shape these buns into bunnies for the Bunn family!
But they looked more like mouses than bunnies!

 Happy Bunn family

 Clams (lala) in superior soup

 Fried Kangkong with sambal
 One Pot Chicken 
 Claypot Fish in Wine 
Black Pepper crabs

 Crabs in Butter sauce- yummylicious- literally "drink" the sauce

Thus ended a very "delicious" year!. 

Santa then- (some 16 years ago?)

My sister just "discovered" this photo while spring cleaning her house.

Santa's now (2012)
The "little elves"  has grown and so has Santa's beard!