Sunday, December 4, 2011


Christmas is just 2 weeks away! Horray!

As we gear up for the celebrations- baking and more baking, cooking and shopping, its time to reflect the goodness and the grace of God throughout the year.

There blogs of Christmas log coming up everywhere.

This is my maiden effort last weekend.

I made a cranberry filling. Fresh cranberries boiled together with half orange juice and 100 gm sugar and some orange zest.

The recipe for the sponge was adapted from The Good Food Magazine.

I made 2 sponges.

For the first log, it is brushed with some rum and then layer with whipped cream.

The cranberry filling goes on next.

I decided not to dust it with icing sugar, as I dont like them too sweet.

The sponge is light and the cranberry filling is perfect with the sweetened whipped cream. It is a bit tart and yet sweet. Good.

Now for the 2nd log, it is again brushed with some rum and filled with the buttercream mixed chopped roasted chestnut. Actually this is the original recipe from the magazine. The quantity of the buttercream is just enough for one log and hence the cranberry filling came in.

The remaining buttercream is used for the top.

Use a fork to rake through the log to get the "bark" effect.

I used melted chocolate to create the swirls for both ends of the log.

Next cocoa powder is dusted on to the log.

You can put some Christmas decorations on the log to make it look more christmassy.
The buttercream is not too sweet and taste great with the roasted chestnut.

Have a Bless Christmas.

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