Thursday, December 22, 2011

OH! Mr. Newspaper Man....

This morning, both the dogs fought again! These 2 males have been at loggerheads with each other - just can't stand the sight of each other. Have I contributed to this jealousy? Have I shown more love and attention to one and not to the other?

So what a beginning to the Christmas season where love and peace is supposed to abound.

Since I was early reaching my workplace, I decided to get my breakfast and these are the chaotic and hectic scenes around my workplace every morning.

Now ever wonder how that newspaper is at your door step every morning?

They work in groups out the banks/buildings. This uncle even smile and he is so happy doing his job! -- no comfy chair, no air-con- if only we have this attitude at some of the government office !

The papers are bundled in groups and each vendor then carry this load on his motorbike to deliver to the masses. The load could be so heavy and it is even bigger than the man himself and the poor fellow has to balance it on his bike.
Be it rain or shine, he will deliver it to your office and/or home.

So say a prayer for the vendor who risk his life in the heavy traffic jam to deliver the papers to you.

So say a word of thanks to him on receiving the papers from him.
More so, give him a treat be it that pack of nasi lemak or that piece of cake.

Otherwise, what would our morning be without newspaper with that cup of coffee.

By the way, this is where they have their cup of coffee or teh tarik- before they be on their way.

God Bless them. Merry Christmas.

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