Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am trying out those dishes that I have learnt from the workshop at the French Culinary School. One of them was Lentils. I loved lentils especially the Dhal curry with Thosai, which the Indian lady at the market place used to sell. And I guess this the most common way of cooking lentils/dhal in Malaysia. I have tried cooking dhal curry and sad to say that it was not well received by the family. So I was given a packet of French style lentils (Puy) by my sister and it has been sitting in my fridge.

So I decided to cook it the "French" way as taught by the French chef. The lentils were boiled with some chicken stock with some diced carrot and bay leaf till just soft. Then diced peeled tomatoes were added the last few minutes before serving.

I served the lentils with pork chop (at the workshop, it was served with Smoked Duck Breast).

The pork chops were seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika and a bit of salt and black pepper before browning them in butter/olive oil quickly. I finished cooking them in the microwave oven for just 2 minutes. They retained the moisture and were tender.

I also caramelized some onions in butter and olive to serve with the pork chop which added a sweetness to the meat.

Verdict- pork chop was moist and tender. I like the texture of the lentils- just soft and nutty.

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