Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It has been ages since I last went up Fraser's Hill. This is one of the hill resorts in Malaysia.

I remember when I went there once with my classmates. We rented a bungalow and had a good time with the BBQ at night. Another time, went up with the family and kids- but my youngest daugther (who is 2o years now) cannot recall the place- so that shows how long it has been. That's all.

So, when my sister and her husband came back for the wedding, I planned a short trip to Fraser's Hill for them. This is the first trip for my brother-in law up Fraser's Hill. As their trip back this time is just a week and in the midst of the frenzy of the wedding going-on, this would be a perfect getaway to relax. I had booked us at the Silverpark Resort with their current offer on Groupon inclusive of daily buffet and a dinner and studio apartment for 2 for RM135.00.

So before we depart for the resort, we had our breakfast at the Yut Kee Coffee Shop in Jalan Dang Wangi. This shop is now in the 4th generation. White coffee and toast, eggs are the normal fare besides they also offer chicken chop and pork roll. I tried their French Toast - more like bread dipped in eggs batter and pan-fry. The centre was not creamy as I would like it to be but rather dry. But their coffee was good. This place seems very popular with the weekends crowd for breakfast/lunch.

We then drove leisurely and the trip was short- just around 2 hours to reached the Gap.

The reservoir before reaching Fraser's Hill.

The iconic Clock Tower in the centre of the town of Fraser's Hill. See practical nobody can be seen around - maybe its noon time- siesta time?

The air was cool and we can felt the peaceful and slowdown.

My sister Vicky.

We easily located the Silverpark Resort. The resort again seems very quiet and isolated. The apartments could do with a new coat of paint as most of them looked very forlorn and drab outside.The apartments that we checked into smelled dank and stale- which were quickly remedied by opening all the windows to let in the cool breeze. The furniture were very basic and the sofa definitely had seen better days. The only consolation was that the beds were clean and there is hot water shower! As it is not the holidays season we felt as if we were the only occupants.

After lunch, we went to visit the waterfall- the only major attraction here.

There are other attractions, horse riding and jungle trekking too which we did not bother to do. We are here to relax and that's what we did- sat around, have numerous coffee and read the papers- nothing hectic please.

Another favorite guest of the hill.

This look like a leaf on the floor. A closer look says otherwise!

Numerous cobwebs along the railings- no disturbances from human beings.

Early misty morning view of the forest.

My breakfast - I asked for scrambled egg and got fried egg instead.

So, after breakfast, we made our way down.

Maybe the breakfast was not hearty enough and upon reaching Kuala Lumpur, we went to this restaurant called Riverview at Jalan Ipoh for lunch. This restaurant sits beside the river exactly. As it was lunchtime, we had to wait at least 15 minutes before we were served.

"White" Fried Hokkien Mee- tasty with bits of lard.

Their most popular dish- Fish with preserved mustard. This sauce is more sourish rather the then traditional bean paste sauce which my late Mother used to cook.

The Mee Sua with seaweed and peanuts.
Another famous dish here is the Fried "Pak Koh" (rice bean cake).

A very short but enjoyable holiday with family.

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  1. Whoa... nice pics mom! Wish I was there! Looks really relaxing...