Monday, July 18, 2011


Jacob's Walk of Life was held for the 3rd consecutive year on 17/7/2011. I went for the first year and missed the 2nd one last year. This year urged by my niece, Wei Yunn, I went along with her. Her company was one of the sponsors for the event. She had pre-registered for us and we donned on the yellow shirts and were all ready to walk.

Pretty maids in a row-

We reached Taman Botani, Shah Alam and it was already crowded and cars were already randomly parked along the road. My niece got a VIP parking and we went straight to the event grounds. For once, I appreciate being a VIP!

The ambassadors for Jacobs- Radio MyFm DJ- Jack Lim (left) and Gan Mei Yan (right).

There was a huge crowd -the MC mentioned around 10000 people! There were usual speeches by the sponsors followed by some warm-up exercises lead by instructors from Fitness First.

The flag off- sea of Yellow shirts!

Now even though I was way at the back from the starting point, I managed to walk past those shuffling behind and reached the middle all the way back.
The route meanders around the park- its uphill and downhill in some places. There are lots of trees along the way, so I don't really feel the heat. The uphill track was tiring and taxing.

Some ran the way, but I take it easy and maintained a steady pace all the way. I wanted to challenge myself. I was surprised that my knees were not giving me any problems/pain and I have the stamina once I started to walk. I am glad and happy that I can finished the 6 km walk without any hitches.

Met Mr. Jack Lim and Ms Gan Mei Yan at the finishing line. They were so friendly to pose with me.

We left the park before as the crowds were still lining up for their goodie bags and was able to get out without getting stuck in any traffic jam. We meet my brother KK and the rest of the family for breakfast in Subang Jaya.

This coffee shop has been selling Fish Ball Soup since 1982.
I found it so-so.

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  1. Whoa, didn't tell me you took pictures with them too! :D Good one.