Monday, June 6, 2011


The weather has been scorching hot these days. I am drenched by the time I finish cooking dinner every night. Just for tonight, to minimise the cooking, I tried my hand at making Japanese gyoza and cold soba.

I have adapted the recipe from Cooking Gallery.
The meat/vegetables are moist and juicy and flavourful with the additonal of sake.
Trying my darnest to get the perfect pleats but failing miserably.

Lining them on the pan before steam/boil. When the water has evaporated, its time to add oil and lightly pan fried till the bottoms are lightly brown.

They are then dished up and served upside down with nicely browned bottom.

Hum.... I think I have got it wrong somewhere. I used the Sui Kow wrappers and they are much too thin and ended up "bottomless" as they have stuck to the pan! So I served them this way.

Great contrast of taste here with cold soba and hot Miso soup.

A healthy and appetising low fat meal.

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  1. Boooo... Wish I'm home for this... Looks like a really warming home-cooked meal.