Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am glad to be home after 7 hectic days of sightseeing, climbing, shopping and of course, eating from Guangzhou.

Haa.. Guangzhou- shopping paradise, eating heaven and spectacular sights and sites both historical and of latest technology.

There is always something you can look, see and do in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou- is where our roots are. My grandfather and grandmother came from China to Malaysia to escape the Communist Revolution with their 2 sons. The daughters were left behind as they were already married by then. Sad to say, their husbands were either killed during that time or maybe thereafter in those turbulent times, leaving the widows to fend for themselves and their children.

I can recall my father sending money back to them every now and then and especially for the Chinese New Year. And my grandmother would get my help to sew those patchwork quilt to send to them. I was unable to comprehend why as my father has 11 children to feed. But now I feel glad and honoured to hear them praise my father for his financial help to them otherwise, they would have suffered more back then. I am also glad and thankful for my father's teaching to us that we are not to neglect our family members or anyone in need, to give what we are able to and as a family to help each other and stand by each other together. His teaching and his actions will always be in our mind. Our ancestral home is still standing in the countryside but this trip we did not go back- too many memories.

Our last link to this is my Ku Cheh - my aunty. She is the youngest daughter and she is 82 years old. she has suffered a stroke recently but is recovering. She is a strong will lady, the stuff that most Chinese women are made of. She has suffered much in her younger days. Now she can enjoy the fruits of her labour surrounded with kind and caring daughters and grandchildren. They are all so warm and hospitable towards us.

To my "family" in China - a big Thank you very much for the th very enjoyable trip.

Will update more of the trip later.

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