Monday, June 27, 2011


We arrived at Guangzhou Bai Yun Airport around 3.00 pm. due to the turbulence in the air and our cousins had been waiting for us since noon. We checked in at the Lido Hotel, Beijing Road. After refreshing ourselves, we hit the road. Yes, Beijing Road is where the action or rather shopping is. It is the newer part of Guangzhou city and the whole area has been turned into a pedestrian walk. Shops are on both sides of the street- and being Summer time, the sale seems to be on and they calling out cheap bargains. It started to get more crowded as the night draw on as it was Friday night.
This water feature is located at the beginning of Beijing Road. Can see the crowds behind.

With all the shopping crowds around, it was indeed seems strange to find an ancient ruin smack in the centre of the street.

This site was found in th middle of the road when they were execavating Beijing Road. This is the passage to the city of old Guangzhou. You can see the layers of the stones laid down by each dynasty.
That's what I called the old mixes with the new.

After shopping, its time for dinner with our relatives at one of restaurant near the shopping mall in Beijing Road.

Chinese loves to eat and the meal would have around at least 10 dishes at a time.

Cantonese cuisine is plain, non spicy and freshly sourced and prepared ingredients.

Of course, soups play an important role in Cantonese meals especially soups that has been boiled for at least 2 hours. (in Cantonese, its called "Loh Four Tong").

This are the ingredients used for the CHINESE PEAR, GREEN OLIVES AND DRAGON MEAT soup. Dragon meat being pork ribs- the lumbar part of the spine.

The soup is light and sweet and astonishing clear - yummy.

Blanched prawns- served with a dipping sauce of soya sauce and julienned ginger. As I had said, Cantonese food is plain and non spicy. You can taste the freshness in the prawns.

Again, this Kwai Fah Fish is just plain steamed with spring onions and soya sauce. Very fresh and no muddy taste.

This is Deep Fried Sweet Potato - crunchy outside and soft and sweet inside.

We had a mix of spicy food too. This is Beef cooked Sichuan Style - or what they called "water-style" Its spicy and numbing - too much Sichuan pepper.

I am really fascinate with these long bean sprouts. Nothing like our Ipoh Taugeh.

Left to right: Loh Che (the daugther of the 2nd Aunty deceased), Serena( my sister in law), my 3rd Aunty (Ku Che), Vicky and Jennifer (sisters) KK and Y. Chin (brothers standing).

Left to right: (Standing) my cousin Lai Ying (who had arranged our tours and hotels and meals too); Jennifer, KK, Yoke and husband Seng, Bill (Vicky's husband), Y. Chin and wife Mei Lian.

sitting: Loh che, Serena, Ku Che and Vicky.

We were informed that the costs of living has gone up in Guangzhou so you can see that the restaurant is not full. But yet we had such a scrumptious meal.

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