Monday, March 7, 2011



Decided to make a White Forest Cake for my niece's Wei Yan birthday on 7/3/2011.

She is such a sweet, dainty girl, full of charm and manners that I think she deserve this cake.

There is Black Forest Cake and now there is this White Forest Cake - which is made with white chocolate and lychee in addition to the black cherries.

Made the vanilla sponge from scratch though the recipe calls for sponge mix. It came out light and fluffy. Frosting is melted white chocolate added to whipping cream.

I like birthdays and gatherings. It gives me an excuse to bake different cakes and to practice my cake-decorating skills.
Now I have done this type of chocolate deco before but somehow it seems a tad messy here.

The top of the cake is covered with white chocolate shavings. Tried to pipe some red hearts but again its a bit messy- definitely doesn't look like hearts - maybe should be bigger dots, so that its easier to drag the line through.

Here the pretty girl growing up fast. God Bless her always.

The proof here thats the cake is a knockout- haha....

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