Sunday, March 20, 2011



Nowadays there are a lot of strawberries for sale in the market. These are from Korea and it is reasonablly cheap too at RM10.00 per packet. There are very ripe and sweet too.

I bought a packet and used them as filling in the Victoria Sponge.

I like this cake as it is not the ordinary sponge but more a cake version (butter is used here and cream together with sugar). However it came out very soft, light and moist.

The Victoria Sponge is normally just put together with jam (strawberry, raspberry etc) and whipped cream.

I spread the first layer with some strawberry jam and then topped it with whipped fresh cream. Next the strawberries goes on.

Top it with the another layer of the sponge and dust some icing sugar over. I just lightly dusted used less here as I don't want the cake to be too sweet).

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