Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am amaze by filo pastry. Those layers upon layers of crisp pastry that melts in your mouth.
So I bought a packet and tried them out over the weekend.

The whole packet can make about 2 lots ie 2 short logs - there must be around 20 over sheets. You need to really thaw it out well otherwise they tend to stick together and you really need patience to peel them as they are so thin and filmsy. There will be some broken pieces but its ok as once they are baked, you can only see the layers. I think I like using them- messy yes- to butter each piece properly but the texture is really good- crispy and melt in the mouth.

I noted that I had to work fast so that the rest of the pastry does not get dry. I found that it require my patience to make sure each layer is brushed with melted butter and I am overwhelmed with so much butter being used - definitely not a low cal dessert! But a little indulgence is fine with me.

Brushing each layer with melted butter

For the filling, I used both red and green apples- sweet and tart together. I added some Arrowroot glaze (thank you May for that bottle of Arrowroot- had been wondering how to make full use of it) to the mixture and found that it just sort of thickens the filling so that it is not too wet and it just gooey and smooth.

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