Sunday, November 21, 2010


Peter is my brother-in law. His birthday fell on the 13/11/2010 and my sister, Jennifer had planned to celebrate with a buffet birthday party. She "commissioned" me to make the birthday cake. Her birthday also fell on the 14/11/2010 and her sons asked me to bake her a birthday cake for the same day too. She also requested me to make some cupcakes for her relatives too.

I was nervous about the "big" project but was challenged too. After some planning and testing a week before the actual date, I was confidental enought to go ahead.

I baked the cakes a day before the party. I wanted to assembly them on the actual day itself.

I adapted the recipe for a GOLDEN VANILLA CAKE and made it into a TRAFFIC LIGHT CAKE- red, orange and green colour- favour with rum and decorated with dessicated coconut. I tinted the dessicated light pink - cannot have white colour- must have red colour for such an auspicious occasion after all 60 years is a milestone in one's life. Must have some birthday peach as well. Whipped the cream- I use the Gold Label Whipped Cream this time- it is more white and whip better than the Anchor brand. First, brush with the rum, then the apricot gel and then the whipped cream, next layer and repeat.
The cake was finally decorated and again into the fridge. That’s the problem of using fresh whipped cream- they cannot stand well. Maybe next time should try the Cream Cheese Frosting but I don’t want the cake to feel too heavy with 3 layers etc.

Next, the cheesecake- I was supposed to use fresh strawberries as deco but did not get them yesterday- nobody manage to get them for me. So use same Hershey kisses as the deco. The top of the cheesecake was a bit "wrinkled" so I spread some of the Butterscotch sauce over the top let it drip over the sides.

Next, I tinted the buttercream purple (lilac), orange, pink, green and yellow. No blue colour- no good luck for Chinese- but then there is no blue colour around. I piped the icing and Sarah helped to decorate with the bits and pieces etc. She then asked whether she can take 1 box for her friend’s birthday tomorrow.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of work! Would have loved to try the cheese cake especially!