Saturday, July 23, 2022

 26/5/2022 to 16/6/2022  Family retreat with May

With the opening of the borders down under, my sister May immediately booked her flight back home.  

It was a tearful reunion with my sister Yoke who had a stroke and brain surgery in end 2019.   It had been a  long road of recovery since and todate she is still unable to speak  but she made it vocably through her tears.

With May around, we decided to make a maiden trip with Yoke to test whether she was able to handle trips as an OKU.  So we made a short trip to the Avani Goldcoast Sepang Resort and everyone enjoyed the short break.   All went well except the getting in and out of the van. 

Here are some of the activities that we did together besides cooking some of  her favourite foods like vinegar pig trotters, black herbal jelly and cakes and pastries. 

on our way!

First stopover Putrajaya.

We wanted to visit the Morocan Pavillion but it was closed for renovations. 


We arrived at the resort and we were able to check in early.  Plenty of time to relax and enjoy her afternoon nap. 


evening swim 

early dinner at the Chinese Restaurant in the resort.

after dinner stroll to enjoy the sea breeze 

The next morning they went for a guided nature walk while some of us stayed back for buffet breakfast which was good and lots of varieties. 

Pitstop at the Botanist Cafe

Homecooked family dinner for the Dragon Boat Festival 

Making our family recipe for pork/prawns dumplings. 

Dinner date with her schoolmate - Mrs Lee and hubby who also came back to Malaysia for vacation. 

Jaga for the food.- picnic at the park. 
chocolate cupcakes 

fried chicken wings.

tuna rolls 

Doing their own exercise. 

First gathering together at the park since pandemic.

Father's day lunch gathering at my niece condo. 

plenty of food and swimming pool for the kids to play.  

long pizza 

our Chinese new year photo....2022 

Of course to have bonding time with her  senior  member- Phow-Phow who is facing kidney problems and blind. 

Not forgetting our yoga classes together  which she enjoyed and missed since pandemic in Melbourne she was not able to attend on site physical class but she can still do it.

 " I will be back" she said.....

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  1. Glad that u all enjoyed this short break with ur sis and family.