Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Hello there and a very Good morning to all.

What a past year it has been.  Enough being said and posted about the past year and the effects of the covid pandemic on everyone.   The MCO#2 has been extended again.  It's time to pick up the pieces and move on with our life living with the new normal. 

International travel is not possible for everyone and our plans to travel has been put on hold since.  Interstate travel also not possible and to go cuti-cuti in our own state is a hazard because of the crowds.  So there is very little to write about.   

I guess the only thing I can write about is about cooking and my latest hobby-crochet!

Since the pandemic besides cooking for my family I also have been cooking for my sister's family.  

Here's what I cooked on 15/4/2020:-

Cooking mulberry jam. 

my mulberry plant in the backyard.
I planted this plant so that the birds could enjoy the fruits and my neighbour could also enjoy drinking the herbal tea with the mulberry leaves.   Last weekend I have the tree cut because the opposite neighbour is going to renovate her kitchen and the tree is in the way. 

Last year during the MCO#1, the market was closed so mostly our groceries were ordered online.  So making use of whatever is available in the fridge, I can still cook some decent meals for them.  

Long beans Omelette

Braised spareribs - 1,2,3,4 sauce. 

Stir-fry nai pak choy.


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