Tuesday, September 1, 2020



When I expressed my interest in the  cooking workshop by  Woods Macrobotics workshop, the girls  quickly booked for me as my birthday present and the best thing was that they also participated with me.  What a wonderful time together.

Briefly, the Macrobiotic concept: 
1.     Nature and the human body are closely connected
2.    pure food is medicine
3.    Eat food in its whole form
4.     Yin and Yang Balance. 

After brief introductions all round and she gave an explanation on the menu and the food we are cooking today.    Then its time to don on our aprons and get hands on.  

the spacious dry kitchen 

Demo how to cut the veggie by the Masterchef June Ka Lim.  She is a pioneer in the Malaysia organic food industry since 1993 and operates a macrobiotic food centre by the name of Lapan Wellness Cafe in Petaling Jaya. 

the huge cooking area .  

Veggies are cut precisely and cook/blanch for 3 minutes in boiling water. 
Brown rice is recommended over white rice. 

Plating up the fruits of our cooking 

Happy birthday  lunch. 
Our Menu that day:
1.    Basic Brown rice
2.    Basic Miso soup
3.     Blanched greens with vinegar nori
4.     Braised garbanzo beans with shiro miso and hijiki seaweed and carrot
5.    Fruit Kanten dessert
6.    lactic acide pickles.

All the organic vegetables, sauce and ingredients are provided by the workshop and are available for purchase at their Cafe/shop online, 

Our group photo before lunch. 

After lunch, it was theory time as Chef June elaborated more on the macrobiotic concept. 

Still keeping vegetarian for the day, we had Sauna Mee @ MamaKim for dinner. 
Thank you girls for your company and time together. 

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