Monday, June 24, 2019



Wishing all a Blessed Father's Day 

Blessed Father's Day 

The apple of his eyes! 

Thank God for the blessing. 

Black Forest Cake.
I was asked whether I know how to bake a Black Forest Cake.  Now this cake which was very popular once a upon a time before the fondant decorating and  3-D effect cake-decorating overtook the market.  So I was very glad to have this opportunity to bake the cake again.   

This is what I delivered.... 2 dark fudgy chocolate cakes sandwich with whipped cream frosting with a whole can of pitted dark cherries.  Top with more whipped cream frosting and fresh cherries.  It was just the right time as fresh cherries are making an appearance during the summer months.  

2 types of cherries, the can pitted cherries with fresh cherries and of course a light brush with the cherry liquer 

I had an extra can of cherries and fresh cherries left, let's roll it up!

Black Forest Swiss Roll. 


  1. I still love to eat this Blackforest Cake which was very popular long before Velvet Cakes and Tiramisu. That's why I bought the smallest one to celebrate my anniversary.

    1. Yes saw that on your blog... and its like all of sudden on the facebook Black Forest Cake was appearing..hahaha