Monday, March 11, 2019


5/2/2019 and 6/2/2019

The celebration down under.... they gave each other orchids and goodies ... we all just realised the "Thumbs" groundnuts also available there! 

My sister May and Vicky... 

family gathering in Melbourne @ Chinese New Year Eve

While I joined my sister Yoke's family here for a a BBQ dinner.. my nephew the chef for the nite playing with his new "toy"  

assistant chef... Sarah... "kau chau" him 

happy mother and son "shop"  

fresh succulent prawns... yum 

and equally yummy ribs... 

while over at my brother's house, after the reunion dinner, the Chan girls happily doing the washing-up dance! hahahah

Chinese New year deco ...last minute piggies origami done by Sarah .. 

1st day of CNY ....

Ladies with black glasses! 

Of course, must have yearly photo with my doggies... Blackie 


Greetings from Alexa, Eunice and Jeremy .....

1st day of CNY @  Taman Desa

The Chan Clan.

someone caught in the act....

2nd day of CNY dinner 

Steamed abalone with minced garlic. 

waiting in anticipation of  Lou Hei... Huat-ah...

 3rd day of CNY
Lion Dance @ The Gardens Mall 

Tea-time @ Mid Valley 

 What I baked and cooked for CNY ....

Prosperity Cake aka Pineapple upside down cake.

Old school baked Egg sponge 
Our favourite - Mee sua with scallions and dried prawns

Stir Fry Leeks with chinese sausage..


  1. Wow ... that is an awesome celebration. So many ppl gathered. Once a year ok la

  2. There are more if everyone in the Chan Clan is present! hahaha

  3. Wah! I am very attracted to the Pineapple Upside Down Cake! This cake is not easily available anywhere.

    You had so much fun and love with all the family members.