Tuesday, March 26, 2019

2D/1N TRIP TO MELAKA 2019# 1

We are ready to go.... Melaka
I was very happy when my girls agreed to go down to Melaka to celebrate my birthday. I had wanted to watch the Encore Melaka performance after hearing the good reviews.  No better excuse to go as  my birthday treat. 

We left after our breakfast and arrived in Melaka around lunchtime and Sarah recommended this restaurant..

This Perakan restaurant has been established since1997.  I started my shopping here with purchases of their cincalok and curry powder especially made by Uncle Lee.    

The aroma of curry/asam  hit us the moment we entered the restaurant and seeing the patrons tucking in the food was clearly a indication of good food here.   

So we ordered this simple but delicious meal, cincalok omelette, Ayam Pongteh, Steamed Okra with sambal and of course their pie-tee.

DIY Pie Tee... 

A satisfying meal indeed.. 

It was too early to check in, so we made a beeline for the Baba Charlie Nyonya Kueh. 
The first time, we visited the place all the kueh were sold out.  However this time, the place was quiet and still plenty of kuehs available.  Was wondering could the reason be the "service" of the staff here?

Eyes say "I want", stomach say "Too full already"

Anyway we were happy with our purchases and  now to go check in 
Hotel Puri..(you can read about  its history from their website) and it is indeed very impressive.

the center courtyard (airwell)  where the important guests are entertain..hehehe

Our room is located on the 2nd floor. 

The courtyard where breakfast will be served. 

more dining space indoors..  

a lot of artefacts around the hotel..and there is even a small museum on Malayan Sultanate history.. 

the entrance to the Puri Spa 

a model traditional malay house 

looking down from our room to the courtyard

Our spacious family room fit for 4 persons 

Heesan Cafe 

The Calanthe Art Cafe  

yummy dessert, Sago Pudding with ice-cream and gula melaka 

the inner courtyard 

the cafe have curated coffee beans from the 13 states of Malaysia
You can also buy their homemade crispy chili sambal too!

the one cafe where  we could not managed to get a table despite waiting !

and of course, a photo with the Mamee mascot... do you know that Mamee is a local product of Melaka. 


  1. What a happy birthday girl to get pampered in Melaka. I love this town as their antiques and old buildings interest me to the skies. That's how I got into antique trading by chance recently.

    Next time I will stay at Hotel Puri to enjoy the ambience of the olden days and eat breakfasts!