Wednesday, August 1, 2018



the infamous Ned Kelly and "his gang" 
Ned Kelly (December 1854 to 11/11/1880) was an Australian bushranger and became an outlaw leading a gang to rob a number of banks.  He is best known for wearing a suit of bulletproof armour during the final shootout with the police.  He was convicted by hanging.

We stopped by Glenrowan around lunchtime.  While driving, my sister had been telling chapters of our family history to the young girls and it had been the most pleasant time together for us.  

Nice warm weather too. 

Our pitshop
Billy Tea Rooms  with its large wooden slabs tables, friendly staff and  a backyard of home grown herbs and  rhubarbs (we visited their toilet at the backyard that's why) and they also have tea towels and other items related to Ned Kelly for sale besides bottles of homemade sauces and jams.  

All I want is Beef Pie... 

surely it thumbs up.

Warm scones with hot tea 

Devonshire scones and tea for the girls..

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Finally spotted it.... 

Bright Chalet

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there is ample parking space in front of the chalets.

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After checking in. .....our corner room is BIG split level family room  with 4 beds upstairs and a single bed downstairs. There is a small kitchenette with basic supply of coffee, milk and sugar.

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Bright is known as the gateway to the Victoria Alps and famous for its autumn foliage .

Relaxing with coffee time and enjoying the view..

Walking around the chalet. There is also a swimming pool but definitely not for autumn.

From the chalet, we decided to take a evening stroll towards the town centre.

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This is what stopped us in our tracks.... 

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chestnuts..... my first time seeing these prickly fruits

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The chestnut is enclosed inside this  prickly shell and as we were not prepared with gloves, this is the only way to remove the shell...  

Happy with our mini harvest and its free.

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These BIG ones were bought later at the Walnut Festival. 

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Centenary Park besides the Ovens River.

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Tranquil and relaxing stroll along the riverside.
This is a popular park during the summer, where  there is swimming in the river, BBQ pits dotted along the riverside with well maintained toilet facilities too.

Bright Brewery

Unfortunately the brew house was closed. 

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but the bar was opened.....hehehe time for a beer!

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our Happy Hour

The weather was getting cold and the beer was cold......
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thank goodness there were these large tall heaters around

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the pet dogs here are all so well trained... they know how to pose for you!

Outside it was getting dark

brilliant sunset, but by the time we reached the chalet, it was all dark.

As we were still full from the afternoon tea and the beer, we had a simple heart-warming dinner with crusty bread with soup in a mug and cheese inside the room! 


  1. I plan to visit Melbourne next year because you have lured me successfully with all your lovely photos. You don't take too much touristy photos like others and that makes yours more interesting to me.

  2. Good morning
    Melbourne definitely is interesting.