Friday, September 30, 2016



Sunrise this morning..

Time just seem to fly pass so fast-week in, week out and now there is only a quarter of the year left for us to accomplish whatever your resolutions for the year are.

Here are some of the cooking/baking which I did for the month of September which again seemed to be a rather busy month with weekend wedding dinners; a short trip to Hanoi and also the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  

Mid Autumn Festival... the girls wanted to play lanterns....

simple family dinner with my nephew from Melbourne and getting to know a new member of the Chan Clan

My collegue for 30 years.... 

his daughter and new son-in-law... 

Had some leftover lotus paste from making the Shanghai Mooncakes.  Mix with some seaweed pork floss  and melon seed and used them for filling.... loved the sweet and savory filling  

Flaky pastry- oil and water dough. Added a bit of green tea powder to the oil dough but too little that cannot taste the green tea!

rolling the pastry to get swirly layers .. 

First time using this bamboo steamer and finally made my favourite Mai Lai Goh (Malaysian Steamed Cake) 

Not much "honeycomb" effect but it was delicious not too sweet -recipe from SCS Dairy ..see their facebook.  

this time a Lotus paste with meat floss bread roll  

look quite messy here

Pork loin marinated with packet of Paper wrapped Chicken flavouring which I found inside the fridge. Then pan fried quickly and served onto a layer of rice crackers which I bought from Hanoi.    

Stir-fry beansprouts with preserved mustard and lots of lard..yummy 

At the recommendation of the  pork seller at the market, I bought 3 strips of pork belly.... he said it was very fresh and good (not too lean nor too fat). Decided to cook Braised Hakka Pork Belly with black fungus. The leftovers were later served with fresh wanton mee for breakfast over the weekend.   

One weekend was extra hot, so made this very basic salad with potatoes, carrots cucumber and added a packet of the soyabeans (bought from Japan trip) for our dinner.  

Adapting JUSTONECOOKBOOK's recipe for a Mushroom Hotpot for week night.
Added slices of Salted Pork Belly which I had cooked and kept in the fridge.

My darling Alexa... she is such a happy baby. 

Jeremy's Post on 24/9/2016: "Baby you're such a joy. How I wish for grandpa to have met you".
Yes, that was the day your grandpa fell down and forever could not get up again.... September is a sad month too.   


  1. Time sure flies was just January and now it's oct. Sept have a lot of thingsbut not updated yet.

    Your sept seems to be pretty full too

  2. Good morning,
    Yes, sometimes really like to low down and just relax
    Have a wonderful week

  3. The baby is so cute with such a good looking parents!