Monday, May 9, 2016



Tomorrow we will flying back to KL so this was our last day for us to do some shopping.

Saw this Pancake Parlour sign along the way.  
I recall the first time I came here.  There was a neon signboard in the premises and suddenly there was loud cheering and music as the sign lit up and the animation was tossing a pancake race!  Wonder if they still have it.

Chadstone Shopping mall...  one of the largest shopping mall in Australia. 

vending machine for baby uses 

Little Audrey with daddy go shopping.
That night, Bill and Vicky had reserved dinner for us at a authentic Greek restaurant 

The mezes: Eggplant, Salmon  and Tzatziki (cucumber and yogurt) dips with the crudites and bread. These had us eating almost non-stop... delicious

Fried Fish (whitebait or anchovy?) with just a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Grilled Octopus with just lemon juice, olive oil and herbs - texture is not chewy at all. Soak up the juices with more bread...... yum.  
We have another appetiser (forgot to take a  photo of it )- Greek Fried Cheese and it is served in the small frying pan. Normally it is cut up into smaller pieces and lemon juice is squeeze over as it  tasted rather salty on it own.    
Photo from Wikipedia 

One of the mains: Grilled Seafood Platter.... of course these were  fresh and delicious. 

Greek Salad with feta cheese and olives. 

The Mixed Meat Platter  and there was no way we could finish so much foods. We did what Asians like to do, takeaway (tapau home) the leftovers.  

We were the first customers to arrive for dinner that night. 

long communal tables in this back section of the restaurant for big group gathering  whereas the front portion have smaller individual tables

in case you are wondering how we managed to get our orders, 
it was all done by my Greek brother in law, Bill.
Thank you very much Vicky and Bill for the lovely dinner. 


  1. I am attracted to the Grilled Seafood Platter. Welcome back to Malaysia.

  2. The food looks delicious and the presentation is a bit different but nice.

    The Americans tapao food all the time and they call it "Doggie Bag" to the waiters. Supposed to bring home for their dogs but they ate it by themselves.

  3. Wow.... melbourne. Thats great

  4. Wow.... melbourne. Thats great

  5. God post, Elaine. Apart from the good food sure nice to see Lil Audrey. vending machine for baby stuffs ka? So advance