Wednesday, April 20, 2016



We were flying back to Melbourne in the afternoon.  On the way to the Sydney Aquarium, we passed this Opal Museum.  Since its free entry, we went up for a look-see.    

Dinosaurs Age..  

The museum was well layout with many exhibits and of course a large retail section as well.

can also get opals from trees!

anyone interested?

shell fossils 

photos from Sydney Aquarium taken by my niece

The foyer of the State Theatre, Sydney which was designed by renowned American architect John Eberson for his theatre designs.  He also designed the State Theatre in Melbourne (now known as the Forum). 

@ Westfields
Jeremy had wanted to meet us for lunch at this place.  It was lunchtime and there was a long queue...

However after a very long wait and our tummies were growling. By the time the lunch crowds have cleared, there were still no sign of them as they were delayed in traffic (with a baby in tow excusable). So we went  ahead with our lunch. 

yummylicious..... (or were we so hungry)

waiting for Jeremy to drop by to say goodbye

Finally they reached us before we left for the airport..

Alexa looking grumpy because of the long ride and traffic jam...

My sister May found the shop in the airport and

bought me my  favourite beef pie to overcome my saddness....till we meet again Alexa, Jeremy and Eunice..take care

Will be on leave tomorrow for 2 weeks folks.  Take care. 


  1. Hi Elaine, Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tour. Take care.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  2. Hi Amelia,
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.