Sunday, November 16, 2014



My baked goodies ready for the sale tomorow- Hokkaido cupcake, banana cupcake, chocolate cupcake (both to be frosted with salted caramel buttercream) and Lemon Meringue cupcakes. 

Here we are ready ..... 

then we decided to move further inside because was afraid the frosting could melt. 

these puppies were abandoned and awaits for a loving forever home...

So glad that Sarah was able to help too.... her macaroons were sold out fast!

Beautiful DIY dyed clothing.... 

fabulous handmade jewellery accessories 
organic dog food

Ms Vignes (LASS) and Mr. Edwin who has adopted Bella, the 3-legged dog!
Whilst Bella's front leg was amputated, mine Blackie hind leg has been amputated.

LASS t-shirts for sale 

There was a band performance and then Ms Vignes gave a speech to thank everyone for participating in the event.

The event managed to raise RM5,000.00 (the target was RM40,000.00) towards their construction fund and 3 of the doggies found their forever home.   So come on, you can help to support them!  Check out their facebook... Lost Animals Soul Shelter. LASS....


  1. still a long way to go from RM40K but still maybe future event will get better respond.

  2. I loves dog, but my mum don't like dog, so no dog for me...

  3. Hi Elaine, nice fund raising. It's great to know that you are able to do your part to participate in the fund raising..Keep up the good job.
    God bless.


  4. Good morning ladies,
    Yes, the response was there overwhelming... but its a good beginning... so lets each of us do whatever we can in our own ways. thanks