Thursday, November 20, 2014



Heard so much about Tanjong Sepat so when my friend asked me whether I wanted to join them for a day trip on Deepavali, the answer was yes.  Little did I know that this day trip was in fact more of a shopping spree!  I was getting a bit irritated with all these shopping- you know getting on off the bus is not a joke with my poor knees!    We stopped by the Dried meat factory, a ling-zhi factory, a tapioca chip factory ... all of which I did not indulge in the shopping.. except these.....

Dragon fruit orchard..

The pitaya plant can reach up to 40 feet tall and can start to bear fruit within 1 year of growth and it will continue to  bear fruits for 5 months every year for at least 20 to 30 years. 

The flowers open in the evening and last only  a night hence it is also call the night-blooming cereus which has traditional medicinal properties.  The  fruit will take around 50 days before reaching maturity and can be harvested.  

Seems that Malaysia will soon be able to produce wine ..... 
My sister - she was the ardent shopper that day... really boosted the economy! 

These are Buddha's hands fruit aka chayote

the trellised plants..

Big plump dragon fruit... these are pink flesh which are much sweeter than the white flesh ones.

 Next we visited the Longan orchard.... only in season yet... can only see bunches being secured on the tree.

my "other twin sister"  

Is this all that is to Tanjong Sepat?.... what a letdown..!
We only viewed the beach from the seafood restaurant where we were having our lunch. 
the rocky stone barricade prevented us from getting onto the beach.. 

bits and pieces of the dried pine cones

Final dropoff..... Fo Guang Shan Zen temple in Jenjarom...,the best part of this trip....

awesome copper tooling (?) art depicting the life of Buddha.... from his birth to his enlightenment. 

We were persuaded by this pleasant volunteer to take just 5 minutes of our time to copy the words of Buddha ... great stress relief

zen moments .... 


  1. Yes went to the same place as you. had lovely time there

  2. Good afternoon,
    Agree with you... this is indeed a very peaceful place to relax.