Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I am looking forward to my trip  .... 6 more days!  I have never thought that I could visit London and now my dream comes true!  So many beautiful sights to see, taste to know and experience.  Must take time to care for my eyes now..hahah.. I saw this TV programme where Madam Wong invited her friends for a dinner date and the theme was eye care and of course the most popular item used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is the "gei zhi" or wolfberries for the eyes.     

Did my best to re-create the recipe and here's my version of Steamed Glutinous Rice with Dried Scallops and Wolfberries.  It is simple and easy to cook and taste delicious as well.  I like the combination of sweet flavour of the wolfberries and the savoury chewiness of the dried scallop.  

Remember to soak the glutinous rice at least 4 hours (I soak them overnight). Drain and put into rice cooker with about a cup of the water/chicken stock which has been used to steam the dried scallops.
Cook till the light switch off. 
Meanwhile prepare the flavouring sauce: soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil, sugar and just a tablespoon of ginger juice + cooking wine.   She give this useful tip: minced ginger and add a tablespoon  of cooking wine, mix them together.  I reserve the minced ginger and use it for stir fry vegetables.   
When the light switch off, add the prepared dried scallops 

and the sauce and mix well.. 

lastly add the wolfberries.
Cover the rice cooker and press to cook for 2nd time till the switch pop up again and just let it rest for 45 minutes before serving. 

Warm and heartening rice..... you can see the rice is not soft and lumpy but can clearly each grains individually..... yummy.

One of her guests also suggest daily taking wolfberries immersed in hot water drink. Another recommended looking at more green and calming views eg looking at the fishes in an aquarium and of course, always wear your sunnies outdoors and less playing on computer and/or mobile phone! 

Oh, yes must remember to pack my sunnies too!  


  1. Good morning Sharon,
    Thanks.. and you take care too
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. yum...i have made something similar before...yummy

    1. Good morning,
      Yes... this was yummy without salt as well!
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So, this is the food that able to prevent Eye Decease??

  4. Prevent is better than cure, thank you for sharing, but I might also suggest, we must have our primary eye care check up every year once.