Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bonjour, I am back


Yes, I am back.

Everybody has been asking "How was your trip?"

Hmmmm...... what can I say?

The trip was good:-

1.  Time to catch up with my daughter Sarah and to be with her during this period.

At Cardiff Tourist Information Centre. Exhibition on the history of Cardiff.  These stone animals are replicate of the Animals Wall. 

2.  There is no better time than this, to get to know my sisters who were travelling with me more ... guess even though we all come from the same family, each one of us is different.

Selfie prior to departure at KLIA

3.  I was able to see, taste (and also missed)  some of the places and foods which I have included in my itinery.
Paris Macarons..not the famous ones (too expensive) but taste good though!

4.  I was able to experience 2 different cultures and met some interesting persons along the way.

Mr. Ng... the best fish and chips in London

Mr. Alex - our French guide ...very helpful and patient with us and of course Mr. Alan too.

5.  Most of all, thanks to God, I am able to come home to my family   (dogs and cats included..hahaha).

The trip was "bad"  as in my absence:-

1.  My nephew was admitted for dengue fever, thank God again that he is alright now.

2.  the new stray dog,  Blackie was involved in a hit and run accident and thank God that she has recovered albeit with one missing leg!

3.  the sad news of the MH17 and infact 2 more airplanes accidents. My condolences to the victims and their families.

Well, after the rain and there is  rainbow.......

Outside Ibis Hotel in Cardiff.... it was already past 8 pm at night...

Anyway, I am glad to be back and I will update the photographs in due course... let me recover from jet lag first D:!


  1. welcome back

    sorry to heard about your nephew and blackie.

    there will be more post of your trip? sure will have right ? :)

  2. Hi Elaine, welcome home. Good to see you again. Nice pictures.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Good morning ladies,
    Thanks for reading!
    More post coming soon. Have a wonderful week!

  4. a new week ahead! Have a great week!