Thursday, July 10, 2014



GOOD MORNING AND HAPPY FRIDAY ......4 more days to go ..
Everybody wants to be happy and everyone has different methods towards achieving happiness in their life. Well,  I will leave this topic of achieving happiness to the experts but I can recommend you one place to go and be happy which I did......
Welcome to HAPPYOLOGY....    

Cute cafe/bistro located in Bandar Mahkota Cheras.  They occupy a 3 storey shoplot. We were there at lunchtime.  A long banquette occupies one side of the ground floor  with the kitchen and bar at the end with more dining spaces upstairs. It  was busy but can see the staff moving very efficiently and smoothly among the tables. The menu is rather extensive and they do sell all day set breakfast and set lunch (cheap only RM9.90 each)  as well..... and most important no MSG is used!

There were lots of motivational quotes on both sides of the walls.

My niece ordered a Kiwi juice and the half-filled jug that came was surprisingly more than enough for 2 persons. I ordered a flower tea (refillable)  recommended for eye care  for both Esther and myself. 

Esther ordered a Cheese Baked Rice with Salmon. This was served in the pan and hence it was hot! The portion was generous and even with the sharing among us, we were not able to finish it.  The salmon was done perfectly and most important, fresh!

Really cheesy. 

My niece also ordered a Cheese Baked rice with seafood... and as you can see the scallops and prawns are big and succulent. 

I tried their "Must Try" Oyster Porridge and I really love it, though the porridge was more watery as I was expecting a bowl of smooth congee.  However there were plenty of fresh plump oysters and diced chinese sausage and the coriander adds a very aromatic flavour to the porridge as well. ... yum. 

The last dish we ordered was this Spaghetti Carbonara with oysters (again!) and this did not disappoint us with its creamy and cheesy sauce. 

The cafe has been operating for more then 7 months and judging by the crowds that keep arriving you know there is something worth coming back for. Let's just hope that they will maintain the standard of the food and their service.  

Lastly, they also serve us complimentary ice-cream, even though its just a scoop, this finishing touch is a  very good sales tactic but  much appreciated by the diners, I am sure.    

Enjoy yourself and be happy.
Thanks for visiting my blog.  I will be on leave till after Hari Raya. 
So an early  "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" greetings to all.