Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Monday headlines in The Star- be prepare for hot and hazy weather.   Yes, it has not been raining over weekend and it was really hot yesterday.

So Monday's dinner was not only meatless but it was  COLD too!

Ingredients that I used: cherry tomatoes cut in half, Japanese cucumbers cut into thing strips, Fried taufoo - these are slightly salty so just blanch them quickly in the boiling water after cooking the soba  to get rid of any oilyness and cut into cubes.    

I also roasted a yellow bell pepper- (I loved the smoky flavour of the bell pepper) and cut into thin strips and lastly when ready to serve, cut the advocado into cubes and squeeze lemon juice over to prevent it from browning. By the way can someone please confirm whether I have been cheated by fruit vendor who told me that advocados are cheap - 3 for RM10.00.  When I got home, I remember he used to sell them @ RM3.00 each! Anyway.... my fault - never use my brain!.

The only cooking that I did was to boil some water for cooking  the soba and using the same water to blanch the taufoo. 

This one dish meal was chilled in the fridge until ready to serve.
When ready to serve, toss with some Roasted Sesame Dressing and a twist of the pink salt and black pepper mix and maybe a sprinkling of toasted white and black sesame seeds (which was omitted!) would be more eye catching!

This simple, easy,  healthy and very refreshing dish is so suitable for the hot weather besides you get to eat all your colours as well! Enjoy.


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    1. Good morning, Ms. Sharon.
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  2. Great dish for this hot weather we've been having. I've never thought of adding avocado though. I have one ripening right now, and I think I'll make this dish with it!