Thursday, December 27, 2012


Our Christmas party was filled with good food and much laughter and fun.

Santa Pinata welcoming the guests

Sarah took almost 3 days to finish this pinata in time for the party. She filled it with lots of sweets, chocolate and papers and of course money... from her own pocket?

Our guest of honour- Jeremy and Eunice

The youngest member of the family with his parents- YZ

Ryan and little Matthew with Sandy from Australia

Why are all the kids looking so bored and tired after the food?

Chester with grandma Mei Lian and Chloe with Aunty Siew Leng

Finally .......Santa making her appearance!

 I have been good, Santa, and I want......

Santa getting ready to do her job!
My brother Leong and family.

First one to be called - Chloe with her mummy.
Chester was so lucky to receive so many presents and he gamely posed with each present even though he was tired as they had just came back from a trip to Golden Palms Resort, Sepang.

Little Sze Jia want her present not the hug, Santa, she is scared!
Qiqi with Santa

Chee Ken must be very happy to  receive his present, though must be nothing compare to  his all As  results in his PMR exams- Congratulations and well done!

Jeremy (and Eunice ) were not forgotten too!

The brothers receiving their presents

Too shy for a hug!

"I want to put this moment on You-Tube"

Chee Ken's father -very happy with his good results! 

My brother - the head of the Bunn Family from Australia.
Psss Santa - your slip is showing, hahaha.

My sister in law Siew Leng.

There were lots of tears as well (little Sze Min- behind crying her eyes out  each time her sister was called)!

Wai Fun "che che" (sister) so happy-  that she was not called "aunty" instead! 

Show us your smile, shy Yan

Esther finally called   
The only one who got a kiss from Santa, Wai Khuen (her son)

First, the mother-in-law, my sister Jennifer

Then Nicole, her daughter-in-law

Ging has been waiting and waiting..

Handy tupperware "crown"

The trio of "Pineapple Tarts Queens" were finally all crowned!

"We got the same presents!" - my sister in law Serena 
 The new mother - Ing
Pik Hwa- mother of the crying Sze Min

These are decorative enamelled plates which I got for them - these plates are going out of production, so treasure them!

 Jason was also "Santa Claus" giving away Nike sportswear to the all the ladies


Finally all the presents were given out including these Christmas crackers made by me.

DIY- recycle empty toilet rolls, wrapped and  filled with sweets, lollipops and chocolate before tying  both ends with ribbon.

I am sorry if your photos were not here but your presence and gifts were very much appreciated and I hope you all had a great time as I did.

The night ended with a Big Bang to crack the pinata and as the sweets, paper and money cascaded down, the kids rushed to pick them up.



  1. Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family!!!

  2. God be with you and your family throughout the coming year!