Thursday, December 6, 2012


I passes by this old shop near the bus stop often.  They sell a lot of "old" items such as these  enamelware pots and pans, dishes and mugs.  These enamelware were made in China and very durable PROVIDED you must use them with care.  As you know the moment a small crack appears, the paint will peel off and rust will appear and render the item useless.   I managed to get this double-boiler for a bargain and some pretty enamel plates as well.

But this is my very own enamel mug - my wedding gift from my mother! This is part of the "must have" for a Chinese wedding. It comes together in a set of mug, basin and spittoon! Still had the spittoon - only used once-  for a small boy to pee in it on my wedding day!. This  practice is suppose to bring good luck and that I may be blessed with children especially a son soon! Well, my firstborn is my son Jeremy! hahaha

Anyway, what to cook with this double boiler?  The storekeeper told me that I can make chicken essence with this pot.   So to "open ceremony" with this new toy, I made the chicken essence for Sarah.  As she was having her examinations the past 2 weeks, this chicken essence is suppose to strengthen her stamina and revitalise her for burning the mid-night oil.

This is how the chicken (I used a kampong chicken)  is stacked in the top pot of the boiler.  A bowl is placed at the bottom of the pot.  Scatter some red dates, black dates, dried longan and some wolfberries and then the chicken is placed on top. Add a cup of chicken stock (or water) and 1 cup of wine in this case the Benedictine D.O.M liqueur.  Cover and steam for around 4-5 hours over low heat. You will have to refill the bottom pot with more water if necessary. 

After steaming, wait till the pot cool down. You cannot see the soup/essence at all as it is being suck under the bowl!.
When the pot is cold enough to handle, slowly and carefully pour the chicken essence into another bowl.  These dried chicken are what remains.  My doggies loved these- good for them as well I guess.
This is pure Chicken essence - only half a bowl.
If you do not have a double boiler, you can use the normal porcelain double boiling pot  instead. Actually I did it twice once with the enamel double boiler and another time with the porcelain pot ("ton chong").
Next thing to do with double boiler- homemade kaya!

Do try this over the weekend- and enjoy !

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  1. Hi Elaine.
    I have been searching this double boiler.... Where did you buy?
    Many thanks