Sunday, October 30, 2011


My niece celebrated her 21st birthday last weekend.

When I knew that she will be celebrating her birthday, I had decided to myself to make her some cupcakes and in fact created a cupcake stand for that too.

The Cupcake stand made from recycle cardboards and cans.

Making cupcakes could be easy. I am pretty comfortable with them- no problem.

Then my sister-in-law told me that the birthday girl would prefer a "21" cake. Ah! what! Gosh, I had never done that before. 101 reasons came up to refuse her - I haven't done it before. My decorating is no good. What if the cake falls apart? What if the cake is too hard and dry?

I am really being pushed out of my comfort zone.

But if this is her birthday wish, I got to do it. No matter what. I called this my Project 21.

Thank God with a little tender loving care and love, I managed to bake her this cake.

It is a Orange Blossom Almond Butter Cake.

I am happy but of course, there is plenty of room for improvement. At least I am glad of the challenge and I did managed to finish it.

And the first cake that I baked did fall apart when I turned it over to the cake board!

Now I had a whole box of broken cake- good timing for trying out cake pops?

Getting the templates ready.

I have baked and kept the cakes in the fridge to firm them up to make handling easier.

Cutting cut the figure 2

Patching the cake together.

The same procedure for the figure 1.

Icing the cake with buttercream.

I have stuck pieces of parchment paper around the cake. After completing you just have to pull them off and this help to keep the cake board clean.

The "2" goes back in the fridge and it is the "1" turn.

The cakes took turns to go in and out of the fridge alternatively.

I piped a row of shell along the base of the cake. The top are left plain as I have decided to stick some butterfly crafts. Simple is best.

Thank You Ging for letting me use your cake as a guinea pig! Hope you had enjoyed yourself.

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