Thursday, October 20, 2011


Lesson No. 2

Omelette with mushroom and mixed herbs

The chef showed us the proper way to cook an omelette.

1. Beat the eggs and season it.

2. Heat the pan and pour eggs in and keep stirring the eggs until it starts to set.

3. Gently start to roll the eggs from one end of the pan towards the end

4. Take pan off heat and give the pan a gentle knock to loosen the omelette

5. Gently roll the omelette onto the plate and immediately use a paper towel to shape it nicely into a long roll.

The omelette was cooked to a creamy texture- not overcooked or brown at all.

This was done by one of the participants- not so perfect.

Lesson No. 3

To cook scrambled eggs.

Again its stirring all the time in the pan and not to let the eggs cooked. the pan is taken on/off the heat if the eggs are starting to cook too fast.

The scrambled eggs should be moist and creamy.

Scrambled Eggs with Truffle paste on toast- definitely a gourmet breakfast

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