Sunday, February 13, 2011


Pumpkin is such a marvellous ingredient. Can be used in a savoury dish as well as sweet dish.

As I had some steamed pumpkin left over from the previous dish (Fish Balls with Pumpkin sauce), decide to use it in sweet way this time.

So this is the result, GOLDEN PUMPKIN BUTTER CAKE. For the 1st cake, I decided to add Pure Vanilla Extract (Thanks to my sister May from Australia). The recipe calls for pumpkin seeds as topping and as I don't have any I used Sunflower seeds instead- equally good-

Then for the 2nd cake, I decided to use mixed spices- cinnammon and nutmeg as flavouring. Definitely a good choice- the aroma reminds of Thanksgiving and those pumpkin pies.

But then, I made a mistake. Maybe I don't like to waste food and I have some mascarpone cheese filling leftover. So decided to use it as a filling for this cake. The flavour can goes well together but then the cheese filling started to melt in this hot weather, so maybe best to leave the cake plain.

Both cakes are moist and crumbly. Good recipe to keep and its definitely will be my favourite- not too sweet.

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