Monday, February 7, 2011


For the 1st day of the CNY we all gather at my eldest brother's house since this is the 1st year after the demise of my mother. I am glad that as the eldest male, he had carried on the tradition of gathering the whole Chan clan. He is busy getting the wine for us!

Everyone is all dressed in new clothes to welcome the new year and it was a very happy occasion.

There lots of the goodies of course.

This is planted by my sister-in-law- again carrying on tradition of my mother. She used to plant these arrowroot bulbs (ngo koo) around 2 weeks before the CNY so that it grow tall and green on the CNY day.

Of course, we have our gambling games- dont be mistaken that we are all hardcore gamblers, but rather the thrill and excitement around the square table! Moreover its the bonding and gathering of all ages. It is great fun and laughter!

Hey- you are supposed to play the mahjong - not show off your Blackberry or whatever models-

Talking about mahjong- this is a joke- so many hands and minds - trying to figure out how to set up the new mahjong table! haha-

That's what new year is about- fun, laughter and togetherness!


  1. I miss everyone back home!

    Next year must really try to be back.

  2. Hi Aunty Elaine, these are iPhones, not Blackberry phones. :-)