Tuesday, January 4, 2011


School re-opens today after a long break of holidays. Its back to the traffic jams. It is also back to cooking for me after a long lull. After all the festive celebrations and eating out, its time to get back to easy and fast homecooked meals.

However, I find that first of all, I had to clear my fridge of the leftover foodstuff from last year.

What did I find?

Chicken stock + a small head of Chinese Cabbage + 2 overly ripe tomatoes + a few frozen Chicken feet = a warm, tasty and comforting soup. I did not know that such a combination works that well. The soup was a bit sourish due to the tomatoes but its refreshing too.

Minced pork + 4 pieces of pre-fried taufoo + julienned carrot + 1 spring onion = a delicious dish of FRIED MINCED PORK WITH SPONGY TAUFOO. why did the spongy taufoo came in? Its the taufoo that had been left sitting in the fridge for 2 weeks- the texture had turned spongy. Cut them into squares slices and lightly browned them and then fry with the minced pork. It taste great as it soaked up the sauce and the texture is both spongy and yet soft.

A packet of fresh mushroom + a packet of sweet peas = a vegetarian dish which is light and easy after all those heavy festive dinners.

So, think of creative ways to use up leftovers and save money and still serving tasty meals.

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  1. Whoa... Seeing the mushrooms and pea male me miss your cooking. I'm sure it was cooked just right and tasty!