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DAY 4 - 7/9/2019

Continuing with our trip to Busan in September 2019
We woke up to a rainy day as the typhoon had hit part of Korea.

Busan Station, where you can take the KTX to connect with Seoul within 3 hours.

happy to get her hands on the pastry

We woke to a rainy day.. the typhoon had hit South Korea.
We have to cancel our plan to visit the Taejondae Observatory, so a longer sleep-in. With no signs of the rain stopping, we made our way to the subway for Chinatown.    

We took our breakfast at Lotteria, Korean own fast-food chain.

a quick walk down the street of Chinatown.. most of the shops not opened yet.
With the rain stopping now and then, we decided to go check out the Choryang Story

The 168 Steps are one of the tour spots of the 1.5 kilometers of back alleys, called "Ibagu-gil (story trail)," in Choryang-dong, Busan.

an old alley that tells the story of war & poverty during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

This 60m long monorail with 33 degree incline was built for the residents. However due to the rain/typhoon the monorail was not working that day. 

View of the Port of Busan at the top. 

Not sure what this exhibit supposed to be, the place was closed. 

the well that was used for washing laundry of the residents 

the city first modern hospital Baekje Hospital established in 1922 

Now known as Brownhands Design cafe on the ground floor with art galleries on the upper floors.

a latte and a slice of rainbow to brighten the dreary day 

A rather unusual building - nothing  much to look at from the roadside..

interesting design for a church..

Totally "wow" inside... 

Beautiful stained glass windows adorned a slanting side wall  of the sanctuary

looking back towards the entrance.

on the right are pillars that also let in the sunlight.

Just to sit and stare...

stumble upon the Tous Les Jours Bakery 

a hot chocolate for me and bread to warm us as the rain was still drizzling on off with strong wind that Sarah's cap flew off!  

We were the only customers in the cafe, so took our time to rest and just people watching.

Our stomach-warming dinner - Army Stew.  We ask for "not so spicy" and it was a mixed pot deliciousness.

"Budae-jjigae or spicy sausage stew is a type of jjigae, made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, kimchi and gochujang. The dish was created shortly after the armistice that ended the Korean War, using the scrounged or smuggled surplus foods from the U. S. army bases. Wikipedia

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