Thursday, September 26, 2019



Actually not a bento for their lunch but rather cooking Japanese style for dinner.

Unagi with steamed Japanese rice. 
Recently my friend went to a wholesale shop and she bought lots of frozen Japanese foodstuffs.   It was so kind of her to share a few packets with me.  So I got a packet of  unagi and some packets of edamame from her.  And I took my time to create a Japanese dinner for the girls..

Easy job- just defrost and heat up. Top up with some yuzu seasoning and diced spring onions and serve onto hot Japanese rice.. 

A quick blanch of edamame and they are ready.
Sarah was given a packet of  "ice" veggies - I don't know what they are called but their distinct feature is that they look with tiny ice drops on them. I also just blanch them and dressed them with a sesame sauce.       

Pork fillet in homemade teriyaki sauce.
I had some pork fillet marinating in the fridge which is  not a good idea because they tends to absorb the soy sauce as the meat became a  bit salty and also darkens in colour. 

Miso soup, edamame and the "ice" veggie with sesame dressing complete the meal. 
Itadakimasu, oishi.

Have a wonderful weekend

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