Thursday, July 12, 2018


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The Three Sisters @ Echo Point
According to the Aboriginal legend of this rock formation, three sisters in the Katoomba tribe fell in love with three brothers from the neighbouring tribe.  As tribal law forbid them to see each other, the brothers caused a large battle.  To protect the girls, a witch doctor turned them into stone to protect them from the battle with the intention to reverse the spell upon conclusion of the battle.  However he was killed during the battle and as a result the three sister were forever frozen in time.

I remembered my first visit  was somewhere in the 1983/4. We took a bus tour then and I didn't really enjoyed then. The weather was cold and trip was so  rushed.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself this time.  Weather was sunny with a bit of chilly wind and the whole place looked so different and clean.  We took the train from Sydney Central to Katoomba which took around 3 hours, stopping almost every stops.  From the train station at Katoomba, we walked to the bus stop and  took the bus to Echo Point.     

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The Blue Mountains

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The Three Sisters Bake @ The Three Sisters

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There are many amazing walking trails around the Blue Mountain National Park.

But we took a shortest walk just around Echo Point ...

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under the canopy of these Eucalyptus trees.  

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If you are interested to hike/walk then its preferable either to stay overnight.  We took our light lunch (my beef pie again)  at the Milkbar at Echo Point before taking the bus back to the train station.  

We did a stroll along the town of Katoomba... some pretty old shops

Katoomba Train Station.

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quiet carriage, so obviously  no loud talking and listen to music with your ear phones only.

By the time, we reached home, Eunice was busy cooking up some delectable korean cuisine for us. Its our farewell dinner as we were flying to Melbourne tomorrow morning.

Its bonding time with Alexa before dinnertime.. 

too short time with her...

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Smiling for the camera...this is her pose whenever we ask her to smile for a photo!!hahaha

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wrap your own dinner.

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Our favourite korean food again..thumbs up!

Our farewell dinner @ Jeremy's house.

good dental practice starts from young...LOL 
A piece of food got stuck between her teeth and she insisted that daddy remove it immediately.  She does her flossing and brushing every night too!
After dinner, it was time to finish our packing as we were leaving by the morning flight. 


  1. Gosh! Time really flies and Alexa is such a big girl now. It is good that she floss and brushes her own teeth daily. This is rare to hear of kids with hygiene habits.

    Your scenic photos are awesome and beautiful. How I wish I could visit there someday.

    1. She seems to have grown taller since we left.... time really flies..